Ghost gravel bike models: Road Rage and Asket

You love long distances at high speed on the road, but also enjoy the rough ups and downs of forest trails? Then a gravel bike is just the thing for you.  Why choose one when you can ride both types of terrain with Ghost gravel bikes for men and women. Our models with luggage racks also give you the option for bike-packing tours.

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Gravel bikes – where asphalt and mountains come together

Is the ultimate riding experience for you when you can pedal long distances while maintaining continuously high speeds? When you use your bike for commuting, bike-packing as well as for training sessions? What counts for you is distance and pace so you can live up to your passion as a racer?

And the special thing about your riding style is that you like being able to take the odd diversion down gravel roads or through the woods? Just riding on asphalt is not always enough for you because you still have an urge for adventure? So, your favourite types of rides are:

- straight, paved roads

- long forest and gravel paths

- sections that take you over cobblestones.

That's why we have developed the perfect hybrid between a road bike and a mountain bike: GHOST gravel bikes.

Is that where you see yourself? Well, if you want to buy a gravel bike online, you should know the other things that make these all-purpose bikes so special.

1. Gravel bike handlebars: a road bike look

If you are a cyclist who is familiar with road biking, then the road-inspired handlebars will surely catch your eye immediately. The tops and drops allow you to adjust your arm and seat position over longer distances,

and since you like to ride your gravel bike in hilly terrain as well, the shifter/brake levers are ideally placed for efficiency and comfort on our GHOST models. The cockpit allows you to easily regulate the amount of power you use when riding uphill and downhill and in constantly changing terrain.


2. Frame geometry – racing and climbing combined

Since gravel bikes are a bit of a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes, the frame geometry needs to be slightly more sophisticated:

- the contact points (handlebars, saddle and pedals) are ergonomically positioned in relation to each other. - the riding position is slightly more inclined than a mountain bike but slightly more upright than a road bike.

- our unisex gravel bikes are suitable for both men and women and for most body types.

- the frames do not have suspension, which ensures maximum stability and the most effective acceleration.

- the thru axle helps increase rigidity in the rear triangle, which in turn translates to better power transfer.

Frame materials are also decisive for our GHOST gravel bikes. The gravel category features either aluminium (AL) or lightweight carbon-fibre (LC).

If you’re planning bike-packing trips, your bike needs mounting points where you can easily attach racks and mudguards. The clever frame geometry and overall stability means these bikes can withstand quite a bit of weight. There are loads of mounting points on gravel bike frames – in addition to the rear rack – where you can mount all kinds of equipment.


3. Gravel tyres – influenced by mountain biking

Why choose just mountain or road touring when you can have both with a gravel bike from GHOST. Our all-purpose wheels are equipped with relatively wide 700x37C tyres. This makes them suitable for both paved stretches or more ruthless terrain. Gravel bikes come with 28- and 29-inch wheel sizes. They both allow you to easily roll over challenging rocks, roots and ruts.


4. The brakes – always reliable, on the mountain or the road

It is vital that you can stop your bike quickly and safely, especially at high speeds. Since you ride your bike not only in diverse types of terrain, but also in all types of weather all year round, your brakes must be reliable even when it’s wet out. Hydraulic disc brakes give you just that reliability.

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