Experience the city in a new light with the Urban E Bikes by GHOST

Urban E Bikes are the electric answer to the challenges of urban commuting. They combine the convenience, comfort and style of an urban bike with the power and range of an electric motor. Whether you want to get to work faster or just explore the city in a new, exciting way, our Urban E Bikes are built for the job. At the same time, you can often get around faster and more flexibly than by car, especially in big cities, while protecting the environment. Urban e bikes therefore classically include city e bikes, trekking e bikes and cross e bikes. With our trekking e bike models you also benefit from equipment and features such as luggage racks, mudguards and bike bags. 

The best thing: In high temperatures, you hardly break a sweat thanks to the e-support! You need to cover a few meters by subway or train? No problem - the Urban E Bikes from GHOST fit your needs. Discover our e Bike models designed for the City and the countryside in the GHOST online store and order your new e bike conveniently to your home or to a dealer of your choice! 

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What are Urban E Bikes? 

Why are urban e bikes with motor a good choice? 

An Urban E Bike is the perfect tool for the city. Thanks to their electric motor, they are great for commuters who need an extra boost for their commute, or for city dwellers who want to explore their surroundings comfortably and efficiently. With an Urban E Bike from GHOST, you can leave the traffic jams behind and enjoy the freedom of the open road - all without breaking a sweat.  

These lifestyle bikes are true all-rounders. They are not only suitable for the daily commute, but also for weekend trips, city explorations or quick errands. With the E Bike a short tour in the countryside, shopping in the city center or for sports - no matter what you feel like, you are flexible, fast and comfortable with the Urban e Bikes on the road - even uphill :D.  

Urban E Bikes: City or Trekking - which bike suits me? 

Our GHOST E Trekking bikes are the ideal mix of city bike and agile everyday bike. The model that is right for you depends entirely on your personal preferences and your range of use. You can focus on an agile and lightweight bike, ideal for short rides in the city. Alternatively, you can plan longer bike tours with your e-trekking bike with more comfort and stability, even on off-road terrain. 

Buying an e bike for city and country - is it worth it? 

Yes, definitely! Buying an urban e bike is the perfect choice if you travel both in the city and in the countryside. Thanks to the electric assistance, you can cover longer distances, and even hilly terrain becomes a breeze. 

The GHOST Urban e Bikes offer you many more advantages in urban areas </h3>. 

  • No need to search for a parking space in crowded city centers 

  • You can ride small and narrow streets without any problems, due to the maneuverable design 

  • With the Urban City e Bike from GHOST simply adjust your speed to the traffic via the regulation of the motor assistance 

  • Urban e Bikes & City e Bikes are considered bicycles by traffic law. So you are not dependent on public transport even without a driver's license. 

  • Due to the perfect handling & maneuverability of the GHOST Urban e Bikes you can easily avoid traffic jams in city centers.  

  • Storage space: Our Urban e Bikes are equipped with practical luggage racks, so you have enough storage space for shopping, backpack or laptop. 

Urban e-bike or classic urban bike - what are the benefits of the engine? 

The engine of an urban e-bike offers you an additional boost. It allows you to cover longer distances and helps you climb steep hills and reach your destination faster. An urban e-bike gives you the freedom to go further and faster without sacrificing comfort and style. So if you ride your bike a lot, have a slightly longer commute, or need to cover a lot of uphill terrain, an electric urban bike may be the right choice for you. You can easily control how much engine support you need and want via the display. Of course, this also keeps the sporty purpose of cycling intact when needed! 

The range of Urban E Bikes 

The range of an urban e-bike depends on various factors, including the battery capacity, the power of the engine, the terrain, your riding style and, of course, which mode of electric assistance you choose. As a rule, however, you can assume that you can easily cover around 90 - 150 kilometers on a full charge with our GHOST urban e bikes. Urban e bikes are thus naturally heavier, since a long battery life is part of the core purpose of the electric bikes. So you can also commute more distances to work or take a longer bike rides with your urban e bike comfortably! 

Buy E Urban Bikes Online - what is important? 

When buying an urban e bike, pay attention to the quality of the components, the power of the engine and the capacity of the battery. Good suspension, sturdy tires, strong brakes and compatible gears are essential - especially in city traffic sometimes it can get a bit hectic - so you should also look for the StVZO approval. Depending for what you are using the e-bike, you can decide whether you want the comfort of a trekking e-bike or if you prefer to be agile and fast through the urban jungle - then a city e-bike is ideal for you!  

Trekking e bikes and city e bikes also come in a variety of frame sizes - low, medium or high step-in. Here, too, the bike adapts to your needs and your desired comfort level.  

When choosing your urban e bike, you should also pay attention to the following points: 

  • Choose a bike that fits your planned use and lifestyle.  

  • High-quality components are very important: make sure the quality of the brakes is good. In addition, a robust gearshift and durable tires can make all the difference - for e-bikes the battery and the engine are also crucial.  

  • Think about how much you want to ride your bike and where you will store it. If you don't have a lot of space, or need to store your e bike in the basement, then a lighter bicycle may makes sense. 

  • Do you want an e-bike or a classic bike?  

  • Do you live in the big city and have to take your urban e bike on the subway and train, or do you live in a countryside where gravel and dirt roads are the standard? In the city, a model that is designed more for classic urban traffic is suitable. In the countryside, on the other hand, a trekking bike with an engine can be useful. 

  • The more often you use your bike and the greater its role in your mobility, the more you should pay attention to the quality of your urban bike. E-bikes are generally a bit more expensive than the classic bike, but thanks to the engine they also offer you more power and possibilities. 


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