Kid’s bikes with 12-, 14- and 16-inch wheels: The best entry-level bike for wild young ones

You absolutely love riding your bicycle and want to experience that passion with your kids? Then check out our 12-inch and 16-inch kids bikes! After their first balance bike, this is the next size up for both boys and girls.

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Kids bikes with 12- and 16-inch wheels: The earlier the better

If your children are really fired up on cycling, it is important that the bike keeps up with the times. As soon as the young ones have mastered their balance bikes and have outgrown that format, you should get right into the next size up. We have designed kids bikes with 12-inch to 16-inch wheels that will meet all the requirements your youngsters may have.

So, what should know in advance? The size of the bike is determined by the relationship between height and the wheel size.

·        Kids who are 95 – 100 cm tall (2’11” – 3’4”): Kids bike with 12-inch wheels

·        Kids who are 100 – 115 cm tall (3’4” – 3’9”): Kids bike with 16-inch wheels


GHOST kids bikes with 12-inch wheels: Safe and fun riding right from the start

Kids grow so much every year when they’re young: If cycling is your passion, and you have managed to pass that enthusiasm to your kid(s), then the bike really needs to suit their height. Once your child has reached the 95 cm (2’11”) mark, they can easily switch to a kid's bike with 12-inch wheels.

Kids bikes from GHOST come in different designs as well: 

- The 12-inch girl's bike comes in the classic colour spectrum from pink to violet.

- If you’re looking for a 12-inch boy's bike you will find them in various shades of blue and green.

Since kids at this age are just learning to ride, GHOST 12-inch kids bikes for girls and boys of course feature training wheels.


GHOST kid's bikes with 16-inch wheels: The right bike after every growth spurt

Depending on how quickly your children grow up, the 12-inch bike can really give them the start they need when they’re just learning. But once they’ve reached 100 cm (3’4”) you’ll likely need to change bikes. At a height of 100-115 cm (3’4” – 3’9”), kids can easily sit on a 16-inch bike.

You will find a 16-inch bike for both girls and boys in our range. You'll also be sure to find a variety of colour designs.

Practice makes perfect, they say. Cycling has a lot to do with balance. If your little one hasn't quite gotten the hang of it yet, throw those training wheels on your GHOST 16-inch kid's bike.


The set-up: Safety is the top priority

Even if their first attempts and practice sessions on the bike take place in a driveway or a quiet side street, 12- and 16-inch kids bikes need to be stable and safely equipped:

·        Our kid's bikes are based on a robust aluminium (AL) frame.

·        Your little rider will sit nicely on a comfortable saddle.

·        With the wide tyres, your kids will ride safely and roll confidently over big and little bumps.

·        Braking is also part of riding. We have included a fixed brake on our GHOST 12- and 16-inch kids’ bikes, so your wee ones also automatically learn to stop.

·        German law requires a bell in road traffic. The POWERKID line includes a loud bell so that kids can learn to make themselves heard.

·        In addition, our kid's bikes come with a flag so other road users can’t overlook them.

·        Since kids are still just starting out with their bikes, we have equipped the 12- to 16-inch kids bikes with rubber ends on the safety handlebars.

·        If you need to, you can also attach training wheels to the 12- or 16-inch kid’s bikes. They can make things easier for some beginner riders.


Your kid is a bit taller and already in the 115 – 135 cm range (3’9” – 4’5”)? Then you might consider a 20-inch kids bike. Have we piqued your interest in GHOST’s line of kids bikes and now you’re looking for more information on a bike for yourself? Just click through our online categories for adult bikes:

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