What is MRS?

The "Modular Rail System" is a mounting rail that is installed on the downtube of the new E-Terus. It allows various elements to be easily attached using the "Clip On - Clip Off" mechanism.

Water Bottle

You can mount your water bottle on the bicycle using the Fidlock adapter. This allows you to quench your thirst during the ride and securely attach the bottle through magnetism.

MRS "TheRailLock"

The system provides a secure, lightweight, and flexible solution to protect your bicycle. The MRS Rail Lock System is firmly attached to the MRS through a device.

Maximum Security

You can choose from different bicycle locks to secure your bicycle. The MRS Cable is suitable for spanning longer distances, while the Chainlock is perfect for shorter distances.

Endless Storage Options

With XLC's various-sized bags, you can store everything you need for your bicycle tour. From keys and money to snacks, everything is securely stored on the frame and easily accessible.

Why MRS?

With MRS, you have numerous options for storing your essentials during your bicycle tour. Your bicycle can be securely locked as well.

MRS-ready E-Teru Bikes

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E-Teru Universal

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E-Teru Advanced

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