GHOST Urban Bikes: The perfect Bike for the City

Urban bikes are the perfect companions for the city. They combine the best of sport and leisure bikes, offering comfort and efficiency in one stylish package. These bikes are designed for all kinds of urban adventures. Whether you're commuting to work, running errands or just enjoying the city, GHOST Urban Bikes make every ride a pleasure. In our GHOST online shop you'll find classic trekking bikes with comfortable low entry as well as cross bikes - these bikes come without additional equipment such as mudguards and luggage racks and are therefore particularly suitable for cycling quickly and agilely through rough terrain. Urban bikes are a mix of casual bikes and functional bikes - the ideal all-rounder for your use!

So if you want to run errands in the city, transport your stuff or get to work clean in rainy weather thanks to a mudguard, then a GHOST trekking bike is the right choice for you.

If you want to ride fast and agile through the city and off-road and do not have much space for a bulky bike, then you should look at the cross-bike models from GHOST.

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What are Urban Bikes?

Urban Bikes are the perfekt bikes for the City and the everyday life. Therefore they come with some specialities!

The perfect Use of Urban Bikes

The answer is as diverse as the city itself. GHOST Urban Bikes are ideal for commuters who want to make their way to work fast and eco-friendly. In addition, they are perfect for recreational riders who want to explore the city on two wheels. Whether to the café, shopping or a tour in the nature. The elegant design rounds off the statement for your urban lifestyle. So, if you ride your bike a lot, especially in the warm season, and mostly in the city or on paved roads, then an urban bike is the right choice for you.

With their narrow tires, our Urban City Bikes can accelerate fast and are thus more agile, so that they can be maneuvered unerringly through narrow streets and alleys. At the same time, our Urban bike's frame construction makes it robust enough to withstand the challenges of everyday life. The upright seating position ensures a comfortable riding experience and a good overview in traffic. But the GHOST Urban Bikes can do even more: Due to their maneuverability, rapid acceleration and comfortable seating position, the Urban Bikes are also ideally suited for longer trips into the suburban area.

The bike types Trekking & Cross in our Urban Bike category

Our Urban Bikes category includes a diverse selection of bike types, including trekking bikes & cross bikes. Even though both categories are designed to be used as city bikes, our trekking bikes are suitable for carrying an additional laptop bag or daily groceries due to the built-in luggage rack and light source, powered by a hub dynamo. Due to the robust construction, which offers a plus in comfort and reliability, the GHOST Trekking Bikes become an ideal commuter bike for the city and trips into the surrounding countryside.

But also our cross bikes are real all-rounders in the urban space: You don't have any additional bags or shopping to carry on your daily way into town besides a backpack? Then the GHOST cross bikes are just the right choice for you. These have been specially designed for agile and sporty riding in the city. With a lightweight frame and agile geometry, you'll enjoy quick acceleration and precise handling. Whether you have to weave your way through traffic jams in the city or have to master challenging asphalt bike paths, the GHOST Cross bikes offer you the perfect combination of speed, agility and control to always get to your destination safely and quickly.

Urban E Bikes - the perfect level of support

If you're looking for an extra boost, our Urban E Bikes are the perfect choice. They combine the comfort and style of our urban bikes with the power of an e-bike motor. So you can cover longer distances, climb steep hills and enjoy your rides with ease. Especially if you commute to work a little longer and don't want to break a sweat, an urban bike with a motor is your compromise. The agile e-bikes are also your fast mobility solution in the city!

Cross or Trekking bike: Which bike is right for me?

If you ride primarily in the city and are looking for an agile, lightweight bike that can keep up with city traffic, then a cross bike is the right choice. A trekking bike, on the other hand, offers more comfort and is ideal for longer rides and mixed terrain, so it's ideal if you want to explore the countryside as well as the city. You can ride your urban bike in the city as well as overland, depending on where your focus lies, you make your purchase decision. The important thing is that the urban bikes from GHOST always focus on sporty riding as well as comfort and balance the two components in the best possible way for the particular purpose.

Buy Urban Bikes online - what to look for?

When choosing your urban bike, you should pay attention to a few important points:

·         Choose a bike that fits your needs and lifestyle.

·         Pay attention to the quality of the components. Especially high-quality brakes, robust gears and durable tires make a difference.

·         Think about how much you plan to ride your bike and where you'll be storing it. If you do not have much space, or the urban bike must be in the basement, then perhaps a lighter bike is more suitable.

·         Do you want an e bike or a non e bike?

·         Do you live in the big city and may have to transport your urban bike in the subway and train or rather in the countryside, where gravel and dirt roads are standard? For short distances in the city, a light cross bike is suitable. For longer distances with luggage, a trekking bike can be useful.

·         Of course, the price also plays a role: The more often you use your bike and the greater its role in your mobility, the more you should pay attention to the quality of your urban bike.

How much do urban bikes cost?

The cost of an urban bike can vary depending on the model and features. Entry-level models are already available at very attractive prices, while Urban e Bikes - high-end models with premium components and e-bike technology naturally cost more. At GHOST, we offer a wide range of urban bikes, so you're sure to find the perfect bike for your budget.

Ride stylishly, comfortably and efficiently through the city with urban bikes from GHOST. Discover our range now and find your new favorite bike!


The benefits of GHOST Urban Bikes in the city

In addition to the already mentioned advantages of our City Bikes for men & women, an urban bike offers many other pleasant advantages in daily use in the city.

Storage space:

many of our Urban Bikes are equipped with practical racks, so you have enough storage space for shopping, backpack or laptop.


Especially in cities with heavy traffic, you can easily reach your destination with a fast and maneuverable urban bike from GHOST and easily avoid traffic jams.


GHOST city bikes are not only suitable for asphalt. With the excellent balance and stability, cobblestones, smooth roads and gravel paths can also be ridden comfortably.

Environmentally friendly:

Traffic jams, red lights and crowded parking lots. All of these contribute to the daily air pollution in the city. With the purchase of a GHOST Urban Bike you are on the road without CO2 emissions and thereby also contribute to cleaner air in your city.


By buying a GHOST Urban Bike you invest in a reliable and durable city bike and parking fees, fuel costs, as well as expensive insurances are just amemory.


That's why it's worth buying a GHOST Urban Bike as a daily city bike

At GHOST, we place great emphasis on high-quality materials and an attractive design. So you can be sure that your urban bike will arrive at your home in perfect condition.

In addition to the high-quality components and the sophisticated design, GHOST Urban Bikes are characterized by reliability and durability. With over 25 years of experience in building mountain bikes and bikes of all kinds, we have the necessary know-how to provide you with a city bike that meets all requirements in daily use in the city. In our assortment, both the ladies and the men get their money's worth. In addition to unisex urban bikes, we also have urban bikes specifically for women and men in the range. On the respective product page of the urban bike, you will find more useful information about the equipment and the installed components of your new favorite bike.

If your urban bike needs to be repaired during daily use, you are sure to find an authorized GHOST bike dealer near you thanks to our excellent dealer network, so that your urban bike is quickly ready for use in the urban jungle again.


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