GHOST bikes – find the bike that's right for you!

GHOST bikes are made for you – whether you are a beginner or a veteran trail rider.

GHOST bikes embrace values such as quality, confidence, reliability and innovation, all coupled with a long tradition and high-quality German engineering.

Our unique SuperFit technology will help you find the bike that perfectly fits your body and riding style!

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GHOST bikes: Made just for you

You want a bicycle that is precisely tailored to suit your needs?

At GHOST you will find bicycles with innovative technologies that provide a unique riding experience while being precisely adapted to your riding style. It doesn’t matter if you're looking for a mountain bike to take on some trails or a commuter to explore the city – we’ve got the bicycle for you.


Mountain, gravel, city, trekking or e-bikes: Which bicycle suits me best?


GHOST – over 25 years of dedication to bicycles for men and women. What began in a small garage in Waldsassen, Bavaria, has now developed into an international company with around 300 employees.

GHOST also has its own racing team that successfully competes in world cup events. The team’s experience and expertise then flow into the development of GHOST products. That in turn helps YOU enjoy an even better riding experience and live up to our own high standards as a lover of freedom and adventure!

Every GHOST bike impresses not only with its high quality, but also with its cool design and componentry chosen for a specific purpose.

In order to help you order the bicycle that perfectly fits your needs, we present all our models here:


-       GHOST Mountain Bikes: Made for any trail. These agile bicycles feel most at home when they’re off the beaten track. They impress with carefully selected components, their light overall weight and top performance.

-       GHOST Gravel Bikes: These are the lightweights at GHOST. They feature aluminium frames and are ideal as travel bicycles, bike-packing companions, training workhorses or commuting.

-       GHOST City Bikes and Trekking Bikes: These models hold their own in everyday life and are as diverse as the city streets of this world. These bicycles for men and women are equipped with a balanced geometry and high-quality accessories.

-       GHOST Kid's Bikes: These models offer even the littlest among us that sense of freedom we all love and at the same time the safety to explore the world on two wheels. Our range for kids includes bicycles for all body sizes and colour preferences as well as accessories.

-       GHOST e Bikes: Conquer any terrain with ease – for beginners and veterans alike. Our e-bikes impress with their durability, the power of the Bosch battery and excellent componentry.


The SuperFit technology from GHOST: How to find the right size


Some of GHOST's bikes are equipped with our unique and innovative SuperFit technology. We analysed hundreds of thousands of datasets to develop SuperFit.

The result was the following: People of similar height almost always have arms and legs of similar length – and that applies to both women and men.

We apply these results to the SuperFit algorithm. Using the technology, we can then find the right bicycle for every size and riding style. The technology takes the following aspects into account for both women's and men's bicycles:


-       Individual handlebar width

-       Appropriate suspension travel

-       Optimal wheel size

-       Suitable crank length

-       Size- and application-specific frame geometry


The algorithm doesn’t just define the ideal handlebar, pedal and saddle position. It also takes into account how you want to use your new bicycle (touring, trails, road, etc.).


The right frame height and size are enormously important when choosing a bicycle. If the geometry of handlebars, pedals and saddle is not right, you will never be able to optimally transfer your full energy into riding.


GHOST's SuperFit technology eliminates these important errors.

You end with a bicycle that features efficient pedalling, fatigue-free riding and terrific control and performance.

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