GHOST trekking bikes: Feel limitless freedom on your bike

You can't go wrong with a GHOST trekking bike. It’s your perfect everyday companion in easy terrain like dirt roads, normal streets and even in city traffic – you won’t want to go without it! The stylish, clean design of our all-rounder bike ensures that you cut a fine figure in the saddle both in the city and on off-road tours.

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Trekking bikes – all-rounders for every day

Trekking bikes are the ideal bike for you if you don't want to commit to a single type of riding. Whether it's ambitious cycling trips over several days, leisurely rides to the shops or an long after-work ride: a trekking bike is the right choice. Just like a city bike, a trekking bike is suitable for riding on the road. But it is much more than that too. The tyres on our trekking bikes have a dynamic touring profile that provides you with good grip on unpaved surfaces. The bike is perfect outside the city and away from developed cycle paths, for example:


·        Light terrain: Forests, fields and gravel

·        Moderate climbs and descents


Our trekking bikes have the following components so you can master all types of different routes:


·        A full range of 24 gears so you can quickly and easily shift for just about any riding conditions. This allows you to ride effectively on both flat stretches and moderate climbs.

·        Powerful brakes: Our high-quality disc brakes work reliably, even when the bike is fully loaded.

·        Sturdy 28-inch wheels: These are particularly good for cyclists who like to take longer rides with a lot of gear because they ensure a smooth ride.

·        Suspension fork with 63 mm travel: This allows you to ride comfortably over kerbs in the city and over small bumps in the terrain. If you prefer to ride harder trails and are looking for a bike with more suspension travel, we recommend you take a look at our trail bikes.


Robust bikes for long tours


It is especially important to us that your trekking bike is robust and resilient. That's why all our models have a high-quality aluminium frame that ensures the stability you need. The frame geometry also guarantees an ergonomic riding position so that you can comfortably go on longer rides. Our online shop has two models with different top tubes. The trekking bikes for men have a slightly higher top tube. Our trekking bikes for women have a sloping top tube, which makes it easier to get on and off.


Having said that, all GHOST trekking bikes are designed to carry larger loads. This means it is no problem to bring your shopping home on your bike! This feature is a big advantage for riders who are planning a cycling holiday. Bags can be easily loaded onto the bike without detracting from the pleasure of riding!


Most trekking bikes weigh about 17kg, depending on the frame size, but there are also lighter trekking bikes in our range, such as the models for women.

Safe equipment for the road


GHOST trekking bikes for women and men are not only suitable for loads of different riding because of their technical features. Another special highlight is that they are fully roadworthy, unlike mountain bikes. Our models already have integrated:


- Mudguards

- Light systems

- Luggage racks


All of this handy equipment means you can immediately hit the road with your new bike and not give a thought about being safe in road traffic.


A GHOST trekking bike combines comfort with sportiness. Whether you choose a men's or women's trekking bike: You are guaranteed an all-purpose bike for everyday life and recreation that will give you that feeling of boundless freedom every day!

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