Off-road with full power: GHOST Electric Mountain Bikes

True mountain bikes equipped with the best features. What distinguishes GHOST electric mountain bikes from conventional MTBs, however, is the abundance of power in the drive, thanks to the powerful Bosch battery. Riding fun is guaranteed here – in any terrain!

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Discover the perfect electric companion for any type of riding – electric MTBs from GHOST

GHOST stands for over 25 years of mountain bike love. We build bikes that we would like to ride ourselves. The same applies to our electric mountain bikes. So, what is an electric mountain bike, you ask?

May we present to you: Our mountain bikes as e bikes – double power, double fun!

We build you fantastic electric mountain bikes, with a lot of attention to detail and clever designs through and through. With us you get an electric MTB that is perfectly tailored to your needs:


·       Bosch and Yamaha are our two experienced partners who supplyus with high-quality, high-performance components such as batteries.

·       As with our traditional MTBs you also have the choice of a hardtail or full-suspension electric MTB. All models are perfectly tailored to the type of riding in question, from the frame to the suspension to the brakes.


GHOST electric MTB models

If you are looking to buy an electric mountain bike, you need to consider the exact type of riding you are looking to do. The set-up will be different depending on your preferences, how and where you want to ride your bike.

GHOST electric MTBs include the Tour, Trail and Enduro models. Each line is perfectly adapted to the type of riding:


·       GHOST TOUR Electric-MOUNTAIN BIKES: The bikes in this series are all hardtails with 120 mm suspension forks. They are available with 27.5- or 29-inch wheels and equipped with a Bosch or Yamaha motor. If you mainly like long rides on easy terrain, our E-TERU model is the right one for you.

·       GHOST TRAIL electric-MOUNTAIN BIKES: Our full suspension electric-MTB line. These bikes have 130 to 150 mm of travel and a powerful Bosch motor. They are available with 27.5- or 29-inch wheels or as MXers with 29-inch in the front and 27.5-inch in the rear). They are the absolute masters of the trails: If you ride in low mountain ranges, in general alpine terrain, on single track routes or on flow trails you will love these mountain bikes as e-bikes! The models in this line are the E-RIOT TRAIL and the HYB ASX 130.

·       GHOST ENDURO electric-MOUNTAIN BIKES: The high-end electric MTBs. Are you a rider who feels most comfortable on natural single track and challenging terrain? Are you the type to take the wildest jumps on the downhill? Then you should check out the HYBRIDE ASX 160 model! It’s fully equipped with a Bosch battery with an enormous range. The wheels are available as an MXer combination of 29-inch in the front and 27.5-inch in the rear.


TractionLink – the drive-neutral suspension system with mega traction

Our TractionLink suspension system keeps you calm in even the most demanding situations, saves you energy and lets you fully concentrate on the trail.

The new TractionLink kinematics with virtual pivot point offers you the following advantages:


·       More riding comfort

·       Full control

·       Optimised pedalling efficiency

·       Ideal braking performance


TractionLink helps maximise power transfer. This electric mountain bike absorbs shocks as you brake, thus keeping your tyre on the ground.

This gives you more traction and lets you go faster!


Who is the best target group for an electric mountain bike?

Are you thinking about buying an electric MTB but are not sure if it is the right choice for you?

If the differences compared with a traditional mountain bike appeal to you, it just might be your newest companion for the next ride:


·       Electric mountain bikes have more power due to higher horsepower.

·       They are more robust and heavier.


That is the result of the built-in motor. Thanks to the electric drive assist you take off faster on any surface and have more power when accelerating.

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