GHOST Hardtail e MTBs: Efficient uphill and fast through the forest:

Do you prefer to ride moderate trails, forest and fields paths and gravel roads? Our electric hardtail MTBs are particularly well suited for long distances and more relaxed descents. The motor gives you extra power transfer as you climb. Discover our versatile trail hardtail e bikes here!

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Hardtail or Fully e MTBs: What is the difference?

When buying a mountain bike as an e bike, the question also arises as to whether it should be a Hardtail or Fully. You wonder what the difference is?

e hardtails differ from the Fully variants in that they do not have rear suspension. As such, you use a hardtail e bike differently than a full-suspension bike.

An electric hardtail MTB is particularly suitable for this terrain:


-       Forest and woodland paths

-       Gravel roads

-       Moderate downhill riding

-       Solid surfaces


This is in contrast to the full suspension MTBs , which are built for more difficult trails, big obstacles and MTB races.

An electric hardtail MTB is also lighter because it has one less (major) component.

That also makes the cost of an electric hardtail MTB lower than that of a Fully.

If you like to ride lightly rugged hills, then you can experience real adventures in a relaxed way with an electric hardtail MTB.


Here is what distinguishes the different GHOST hardtail e MTBs

GHOST hardtails e MTBs are ideally suited for a wide variety of requirements and types of riding. They offer you safety and stability even when you're on the road. The main reason for this is the rigid rear triangle, which guarantees secure traction while you ride.

Our available models have a wide range of features for everyday use.

Innovative technologies such as our SuperFit geometry and powerful motors are of course at the top of that list as well!


What is SuperFit, you ask?

This technology from GHOST stands for a perfect fit without adjustment. We developed it after evaluating hundreds of thousands of datasets. The result is our SuperFit geometry. The electric hardtail MTBs equipped with this offer you the following advantages:


-       The bike does not have to be adjusted to your body size beforehand.

-       It feels like it was made just for you.

-       All you need to choose is the right frame size.

-       We don’t have to do a lot of tweaking or tuning – you can just ride!


A hardtail e MTB is always the ideal choice if you are an everyday rider but also like to ride your bike for longer tours on weekends.


The GHOST Hardtail e MTB: E-TERU

You want to buy an electric hardtail MTB and are not sure which model is right for you? We have the answer: the GHOST E-TERU!

The bike is the perfect electric hardtail MTB for fun tours and daily use any time of year – a true all-rounder!

It is available in many equipment variants:


-       Optionally with 29- or 27.5-inch wheels

-       Ready for kickstand, seatpost, pannier rack and bottle cage

-       Aluminium frame with fully integrated battery

-       Perfect fit with SuperFit

-       Models equipped with Bosch and Yamaha motors

-       120 mm suspension fork for lots of riding comfort

·        Hardtail eMTBs for men and women


So, you can rack up kilometres on your rides without getting too worn out: The powerful motors from Bosch or Yamaha offer you the enormous range you need while representing the same values as we do at GHOST:


-       Quality

-       Innovation

-       Experience

-       Reliability


This way we can guarantee that we build bikes that fit you perfectly!

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