Kids Bikes from GHOST: Cycling fun for the whole family

The first bike is always something special. Most of us can still remember the first bike we learned how to ride and then used to discover the big, exciting world around us. That is the feeling we want to pass on to the next generation. And that is why we at GHOST have put a lot of thought into bikes for our little ones. We have kids and youth mountain bikes in a variety of sizes for beginners and bike-loving youngsters.

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GHOST kids bikes & MTBs for an ideal entry into the world of cycling

Jump on your bike for a change to visit best friends two streets away, to cruise to the playground or to ride to and from school every day: A GHOST kids bike offers your children seemingly endless freedom and guarantees them loads of fun while exploring the world. To make sure kids are safe out there, we have a superb selection of bikes to get them started, from their first kids bike to their first mountain bike as teenagers.


To help them get safely from A to B, including being more visible in general traffic situations, our kids bikes have the following features:


·        Reflectors

·        Bells

·        Flags for 12- and 16-inch bikes

What kids bikes does GHOST offer?


Whether it’s their first attempts at balancing or more demanding tours with the parents: we have the right bike for your kids. But which bike do you choose and what makes a good kids bike anyway? Our range includes the following kids bikes and mountain bikes, allowing you to choose depending on age, size and components:


·        Balance bikes

Our balance bikes are a perfect way start out in the world of cycling. They teach kids the motor skills, coordination, and balance they need to ride a real bike later. Speed on these toddler bikes is easily controlled with their feet, so there is virtually nothing to keep them from success even in their very first attempts to ride.


·        12- to 16-inch kids bikes

Has your kid been practising on the balance bike and is already cycling safely to and from the playground or kindergarten? Then it's time to think about the next step. A bike with training wheels can help kids when they move to a bike with pedals. Safety grips on the handlebars, a simple coaster brake and stylish chain guards are all part of the basic set-up. Once they have outgrown the 12-inch wheels they can go straight to the 16-inch wheels in the colour of their choice – and with a few cool added features on their kid’s bike.


·        20-inch kid’s MTBs

For youngsters around 115 cm tall (3’9”) and about 6 years of age we have developed kids bikes that are perfectly tailored to the needs of growing riders, but still come in the style of their parent’s cool mountain bikes. There are girl’s and boy’s bikes with snappy designs that will make the way to school a daily highlight. These kids bikes have gears and no coaster brake.


·        24-inch kid’s MTBs

Our durable, high-performance kids bikes come in youthful designs and are for kids starting about 130 cm in height (4’4”). The components are perfectly suited so your youngster can master their first bike adventures with the parents.


·        26- and 27.5-inch youth MTBs

This is the last step before adult-sized mountain bikes: the youth bike. It’s ideal for teens who are already confident in the saddle and love the odd off-road challenge. Our youth bikes will excite up-and-coming riders who already want to tackle a few ascents and go for their first adventures on trails.


Finding the right size bike for your youngster

Safety is paramount when buying a kids bike. As a manufacturer, it is especially important that you find the right size so your youngsters can enjoy unrestricted, care-free riding. That's why we always provide some information about which heights suit which bikes and which wheel format is best for the riding they want to do.


In terms of frame size, you should make sure that the young person can touch the ground with both feet and get on and off without any issues. The brake should be easy to reach for their hand size. The weight of the bicycle also plays a role. In order to make their early cycling experiences as pleasant as possible, we have lightweight kids bikes in our range as well, but they still have all the equipment they’ll need for most situations.


Whether in traffic or out in nature, GHOST kids bikes let your youngsters discover their enthusiasm for cycling and do it with a faithful companion at their side – at any age

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