Cross bikes – the practical and affordable solution

The cross bike name really says it all: A cross between styles, a shape shifter, a metamorphosis. You can ride them sort of wherever and whenever you need them. Take on city traffic or go on a picnic outside of town, jump on it for a quick jaunt or a longer tour, on flat terrain or steep hills. A cross bike can face just about any challenge you may give it.

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Cross bikes – our best accessory on two wheels

For you, a bike is a must-have item that you always include in your list of gear. You need your bike when spontaneous activities come up:

·        You want to do some quick shopping around the corner.

·        You need to dash into town for an evening with friends.

·        You are full of energy and need your cross bike to balance everything out.

·        You are looking for a change of scenery from the workaday and want to go on a ride through the forest.

·        You want to go on a bike adventure while you’re on holiday.


No matter what your plan is or what kind of ride: You are looking for a bike that can handle just about any everyday situation and just about any type of terrain. We at GHOST have developed a cross bike that’s made specifically for both occasional cyclists and impulsive riders – that’s flexible and always ready to go.

These bikes possess solid, effective components to keep it as versatile as you need it to be.



The cross bike frame: durable and ready for anything

For your bike to be as versatile as you, it needs to be strong and reliable. We have developed a stiff frame out of robust aluminium (AL) which you can ride in the most diverse of situations.

- The sophisticated frame sizing of our cross bikes provides the ideal riding position. Upright enough when you’re on easy and flat routes. Aggressive enough when you find yourself on ascents.


·        The ergonomic geometry of the cross bike frame is also designed with your leg strength in mind. The saddle and pedals are designed to achieve maximum speed with little effort.

If you want to buy a bike from the cross bike category, there are two different frame models to choose from. The men's cross bike has an almost vertical seat tube. The women’s version has a sloping top tube for increased comfort.

Our cross bikes have a suspension fork with 60 mm travel so you don't have to think twice about what type of ride you’re going on. You can jump straight on it and get going. No matter what bumps you and your bike encounter in the country or the city, you will easily roll over them.


The tyres: it's all about the accessories

We need to emphasise here just how versatile and ready-for-action these cross bikes are. Much of this is achieved through the choice of tyres. With narrow 28-inch wheels you’ll be able to go fast regardless of the terrain or surface:

·        Cobbled streets in the city

·        Gravel or forest paths

·        Muddy or dry trails through the fields


The gears: it's all in the details

And finally: Our cross bikes are equipped with efficient shifting so you can flexibly adjust power transfer to suit the terrain or situation:

·        For cycle paths in the city or other leisurely rides you’ll be able to easily shift through the middle gears.

·        You’ll also find the right gears for uphill and downhill.


Cross Bikes definitely fall under the category "all-rounders". If you're looking for another all-rounder that can take you anywhere, check out our Gravel Bikes.

If you're looking for a bike with the same versatility that also cuts a slick figure out in the forest then you should check out our Cross-Country Bikes.

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