e Fullys from GHOST: The perfect companion for your bike adventures

Do you already feel comfortable in challenging terrain and love to master trails with confidence at top speeds? GHOST offers you the right full suspension ebike to do just that. You’ll be able to climb even the steepest mountains thanks to support from the e-drive. Get one of our full suspension ebikes now and enjoy your bike adventures!

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GHOST full suspension e bike: Enjoy unrestricted riding fun

You already feel at home on challenging trails and love bombing down mountains at high speeds? Do you also like taking on ambitious ascents? Then you need the right, and most reliable companion: a full suspension ebike from GHOST. They come equipped with powerful motors from either Bosch, Yamaha or Fazua and give you all the electric drive support you need.

Full suspension ebikes like this, or “Fullys” for short, really start to shine right where a hardtail e MTB reaches its natural limits. They have suspension forks at the front and a shock at the rear of the frame to effectively absorb all the bumps and hits you encounter. The rear suspension keeps the rear wheel in contact with the ground, which provides you with the stability and safety you need when you’re out smashing trails.


A full suspension electric mountain bike provides you with a load of advantages:


P  Wide range of riding types possible

P  A powerful motor for challenging mountain slopes

P  Adjustable suspension to suit the situation at hand

P  Optimal traction on both ascents and descents

P  Full control even on steep downhills

P  Riding in comfort even in rough terrain

P  Reliable stability on downhills and jumps

P  Safety on variable surfaces

P  Superbly coordinated components


Which full suspension e bike should I buy for mountain touring?


Both men and women who are looking for the right full suspension ebike will find a large selection of different models at GHOST – it all depends on personal preferences, riding style and your intended use. Your choices include:



·       Trail e bike Fully

You regularly ride on trails in your free time and are therefore looking for an electric MTB which you can ride safely on steep descents and easily master challenging uphill? GHOST’S Trail eBike Fullys will give you all the support you need. They are strong climbers on the mountain and provide convincing control on ambitious descents.


·        All-Mountain e Bike Fully

As the name suggests, these are GHOST’S all-rounders in the full suspension electric mountain bike landscape – our all-mountain ebikes. They are designed to make them as suitable as possible for the widest range of rides. The powerful engine will help you up the hills while the TractionLink rear triangle keeps that rear wheel is permanently in contact with the trail on the downhills. This helps you retain full control of your ride even in steep sections, during braking manoeuvres or on sharp switchbacks.


·       Enduro e Bike Fully

Blasting down steep slopes – that's your thing? Then the GHOST Enduro eBike Fully is the perfect companion for your adventures. It will help you masterfully handle difficult jumps, demanding trails and variable terrain. The suspension forks and rear shock will dampen hits and thanks to the long travel you can ride in a way that takes good care of your back.


-       Light e MTB Fully


We developed our light e-mountain bikes in order to move away from the trend of increasingly powerful and louder e-MTBs. Light (17.5–20 kg), agile and playful: the GHOST light e-MTBs ride like a classic enduro – they just have a motor. The understated Fazua motor is so quiet and subtle that it looks like a traditional mountain bike. The smooth support makes it the perfect choice for riders who like to pedal hard but don't want to miss out on that bit of extra range that an e-MTB can offer.



GHOST’s full suspension electric mountain bike guarantee you maximum riding fun – no matter what type of riding you want to do. They also offer you improved safety and comfort. We have the full suspension ebike in different sizes: 27.5 and 29 inch. Convince yourself of the full suspension ebikesnow. Check out our online shop now and buy your eMTB Fully. Be ready for your next bike adventure

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