The journey is the destination with the trekking e-bikes from GHOST

You’re looking to explore your surroundings in a relaxed way on a bike that lets you pedal comfortably either on your daily commute or over hill and dale out in the country? Look no further than electric trekking bikes from GHOST! They’re the perfect compromise between a city bike and a mountain bike.

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Capable and resilient: that is what sets GHOST trekking e bikes apart

Are you an ambitious hobby cyclist who likes to ride long distances as well uses their bike on a daily basis?

Then an electric trekking bike just might be perfect for you. Trekking e bikes or pedelecs are the perfect compromise between a city bike for everyday use and an off-road-ready mountain bike.

While they need to be manoeuvrable and flexible for city traffic, they also need to be demonstrate durability and reliability when you’re out in the country.

GHOST trekking e bikes are equipped with all the necessary features to get you safely through city traffic. The weight of these bikes is of course compensated for by the powerful motor. While you would quickly break a sweat on a standard commuter bike going up a hill, electric trekking bike motors offer you the additional support you need to arrive at your destination relaxed and dry.

These trekking e bikes have no problem playing the part of true all-rounders! The journey is the destination with these models.

Our vision at GHOST is that you always find the bike that perfectly suits your needs!

Always prepared with a GHOST E-SQUARE electric trekking bike

If you like going for rides and cycling daily including the weekends, then the GHOST E-SQUARE electric trekking bike is the perfect option for you.

They score big points with the following features:


·       Perfect SuperFit geometry

·       Frame with fully integrated battery

·       Lightweight trekking e-bike for men and women

·       Yamaha and Bosch drives

·       Trekking gear including a luggage rack, a lighting system and mudguards

·       Comfortable 27.5-inch tyres


Our trekking e bikes make it easy to chock up mile after mile. The comfortable riding position also keeps you relaxed over longer distances. Your tours will be smooth and relaxing thanks to the built-in suspension fork that will make asphalted roads and forest tracks equally fun to ride on.

Trekking meets power: our trekking bike motors

Powerful motors from Bosch and Yamaha help our E-SQUARE TREKKING bikes move you forward easily and quickly on any tour.

They are our partners for all the drives we install on our electric trekking bikes, regardless of whether they are for trekking, trails or enduro riding. 

The drives are high-quality and powerful components that give you an enormous range with your electric trekking bike.

The batteries, displays and chargers also embody the values that we at GHOST live by:


·       Quality

·       Innovation

·       Reliability

·       Experience


Which trekking e bike should I buy?

If you are wondering which trekking e-bike to buy, our innovative SuperFit technology will provide you reliable support to make your choice.

We developed this geometry so that our bikes do not have to be adjusted to you and your body size.

Each of the bikes built with this technology feels like it was tailor-made just for you.

All you have to do is choose the right frame size for your trekking e bike. We don't have to make adjustments, change components or spend time setting the bike up for you. You can ride right out the door without any complications.

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