Light electric mountain bikes – less weight, full power

How heavy should electric mountain bikes be? An easy question to answer with our new line of lightweight electric mountain bikes: As light as possible. E mountain bikes tend to be heavier than classic mountain bikes, simply due to the battery and the motor. But the desire among die-hard MTB riders is growing for a light and manoeuvrable electric mountain bikes. That's why we at Ghost have made it our mission to develop models where the the total weight hardly differs from traditional mountain bikes. Thanks to the super-light motors and batteries, carbon frames and top-quality components, our light electric mountain bikes are indeed hard to beat in terms of weight.

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Why a lightweight e MTB?

We have developed light electric mountain bikes to redefine the ongoing trend of increasingly powerful and louder e bikes. The motto up to now has been "the more torque, the better". But this meant heavier bikes, bigger batteries, more powerful motors and all kinds of accessories like lights and bulky navigation displays that had the bikes weighing in at upwards of 25 kg. Our “Light” concept takes the weight back off while still giving you the support you need. And thanks to the quiet Fazua engine you can better enjoy the nature around you.


Light e MTB – special features

Part of what contributes to the overall lighter weight of the bike is of course the light drive motor. While classic electric mountain bikes are known primarily for power and torque, the light version is more about finding an ideal balance between uphill support and classic mountain biking. That is why light electric mountain bikes are equipped with less battery capacity and a lighter, smaller motor power. The support feels more like a “light tailwind”, and it is one thing if nothing else: super quiet! Visually and acoustically, a well-designed electric MTB can hardly be distinguished from a mountain bike without an e-drive. This new MTB segment combines both – you’ll barely notice you’re even riding an e-bike.


What makes light electric mountain bikes so light?

Lightweight electric mountain bikes are suitable for any riders who love a bit of support on the uphills, but who want to rock the downhills with the same feeling as a classic mountain bike. Technological developments have allowed us to optimise our light electric mountain bikes in such a way that they can hardly be distinguished from a mountain bike, in terms of both their style and their ride feel. Don't you think? Convince yourself in our Side-by-Side Story.


Light e MTBs are often developed with carbon frames – the material is significantly lighter than the more robust aluminium

The weight of new motors and batteries is constantly being reduced, and at Ghost the e-components fit perfectly into the design of the bikes

Lightweight electric MTBs are suitable for anyone who does not want to compromise on weight but still appreciates the power of a motor


Light e MTBs – What the Ghost featherweights can do

So what are the advantages of our slimmed-down e-version of the classic e-mountain bike? Thanks to new motor technologies with weights of just 2 kg, our e-aggregates don’t weigh nearly as much as the older models. Still, they manage to deliver a very acceptable range, get you up plenty of hills and bring you through loads of rugged terrain. For anyone looking for agility and dynamics in an electric MTB, the lighter the bike, the better. Depending on the componentry, these lightweight models come in at 16–20 kilos.


Light electric mountain bikes – what makes an e mountain bike so light?

1.     The carbon frame

The frame is the core of your bike. It provides the balance between stability and lightness. With lightweight electric mountain bikes, this is a must. As an example, we present the Riot Path. This Ghost full-suspension e mountain bike has it all: Let’s look at the Riot Path side-by-side with the analogue version Riot CF.

The incredibly light carbon frame is brand-new, with an effective geometry at its core to ensure agility and a dynamic ride. The light electric MTB is also characterised by super stable tube shapes, a carbon rear triangle and optimised TractionLink kinematics.

2.     The components

Suspension fork, rear shock, tyres, seatpost and brakes. These essential elements play an enormous role in the quality of the e mountain bikes. Of course, the lighter it must be, the more important it is to reduce the weight of the various parts and components. At Ghost we make small compromises in quality and therefore rely on lightweight, performance-optimised components that guarantee stability, flexibility and riding pleasure.

3.     The drive: Motor and battery

When it comes to the drive it is vital to balance power with lightness. The lightweight Fazua motor integrates beautifully into the carbon frame and thanks to reduced noise makes your electric MTB experience so good that you won't notice the difference. With 430 WH and 60 NM, the Fazua Ride 60 provides all the support you need without adding too much to the overall load.

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