GHOST 20-inch mountain bikes: The perfect bike for active kids

Who doesn't want to jump on their bike and discover the world? We also have the right models for up-and-coming riders so they too can experience that feeling of freedom when cycling. Our 20-inch bikes will impress and inspire with appealing designs, solid workmanship and cool features – for the bikers of tomorrow.

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For up-and-coming riders and active youngsters: GHOST 20-inch bikes for kids

As children develop, it's not just their height that changes, but also their tastes – especially when they get out of kindergarten and are allowed to ride to school for the first time. What an experience! With those first forays, kids can develop a desire to be like their parents or like other adults. That is the right moment to look for a cool new mountain bike. And that is where GHOST 20-inch bikes will fulfil the wishes of young cyclists, because they are based on the "adult" models in terms of appearance.


Our 20-inch bikes don’t have training wheels, flags and flashy chain guards like the 12- to 16-inch kids bikes. Indeed, these kids bikes are really nothing less than mountain bikes for little riders. A rigid fork or a kid-friendly suspension fork with 40 mm travel and proper gears make these lightweight 20-inch bikes immediately ready to ride on unpaved paths or forest roads. Inspired by adult bikes, GHOST 20-inch bikes with aluminium frames are durable, specially optimised for children, and feature low-maintenance components.

Cool designs for any taste


A special highlight of our 20-inch kid’s mountain bikes is that they are available in a bunch of exciting colour options. This makes biking even more fun and your kids will look cool on the way to school or around the neighbourhood. You can choose between different models from our range:


·        For girls

Our girls 20-inch mountain bikes are based on adult bike designs but are specially suited for the needs of children and youngsters. We offer young female riders a bike that is not only visually appealing, but with the "bigger" models the top tube is also slightly sloping, which makes it easy to get on and off.


·        For boys

The 20-inch mountain bikes for boys also emulate the models that their parents already ride. The kid’s version is the perfect introduction to the world of off-road cycling. It’s fast, agile and will ensure they are even more enthusiastic about biking after riding it! New designs will guarantee the right colour combination for just about any style sense.


20-inch bikes for kids. What height are 20-inch bikes suitable for?


If you are looking for the right kid's bike for your young ones, age actually isn’t the most important factor. Much more decisive is height and riding experience. A kid's bike should always be the right size at that time – not the size for them to "grow into it". It is best, and safest, for young beginners if they do not have to stretch too much to be able to ride.

For our 20-inch bikes we recommend a height of about 115 to 135 cm (3’9” – 4’5”). When choosing a frame size, you should make sure that the child can


- touch the ground with both feet

- easily get on and off the bike

- easily reach the brakes


If you are looking for a 20-inch mountain bike for your kid, it is a big advantage if he or she already has some experience and a certain level of riding confidence. Once a 20-inch bike is too small you can look for a suitable model in the 24-inch range and in the youth bikes category

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