24-inch bikes from GHOST: Cool bikes, optimised for kids

Does your child already have a bit of experience on the bike and now needs a proper kids' bike to really get going? We have just the thing for you! Whether it's the daily ride to school or to a friend’s house, bike trips with the parents at the weekend, or first adventures on light trails. Our 24-inch bikes are the perfect companion for girls and boys on any bike adventure.

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Stylish 24-inch bikes for active kids

What we want your child to have when they’re out on their GHOST bike: More action, more power and above all, more fun. We want to pass on our passion for bikes to the next generation and enable bike-loving kids to feel that incredible sense of freedom we get from riding a bike. The 24-inch kid's mountain bikes from GHOST are characterised by the following features:


- Child-friendly design

- Great performance

- Components precisely tailored to kids

An appealing look is especially important when choosing a new 24-inch mountain bike. That's why you'll always find new designs and exciting colour options that will delight your youngsters. You also have a choice between different aluminium framed 24-inch bikes:

·        Girl’s 24-inch bikes

These will give little riders a taste for cycling. Visually they are based on the bikes for adults and can easily keep up with them in terms of components. The kid's bikes are characterised by durable, low-maintenance components so youngsters can enjoy their new bike for ages. One special feature of the 24-inch bikes for girls: Slightly sloping top tube, like the women’s bikes. This makes it easy to get on and off. There are different types of components that you can choose depending on the type of riding and your personal wishes, for example a classic rim brake or a hydraulic disc brake.


·        Boy’s 24-inch MTB

GHOST 24-inch bikes for boys are in no way inferior to the big bikes in terms of looks and components. They are durable and low-maintenance and take into account the needs of our little riders. Our 24-inch bikes are also super manoeuvrable and offer a high-level of safety so that your child can master any challenge without any problems. Our models have different components so that the right bike is available for your active youngster in a variety of riding environments. For example, a 24-inch bike with a child-friendly suspension fork and 40 mm suspension travel is helpful for a kid’s first off-road adventures. A rigid fork is suitable for rides mainly around town or the neighbourhood.

How to figure which bike size is right

 In order for your child to ride safely on the bike, it is important that the bike fits. When choosing the right size, the question often arises: What age is suitable for a 24-inch bike? But it is not the age that is decisive. More important is the youngster’s height. At GHOST we recommend a height of between 130 and 145 cm (4’3” – 4’9”) for our bikes in the 24-inch bike size range. The following factors should be taken into account:


- Your child should be able to touch the ground with both feet at the same time.

- Mounting and dismounting should be easy, without losing their balance or getting stuck.

- The handlebars and brakes should be easy to reach.


In any case, a test ride with the new bike is recommended. If necessary, certain components can be adjusted or a different bike size can be selected. If a 24-inch bike is too big, you can take a look at our 20-inch options. If it is already too small, you should take a look at our youth bikes for a suitable model.


Our kids mountain bikes are the best way to prepare for mastering future cycling adventures and discovering enthusiasm for cycling in general. If you buy your child a 24-inch bike from GHOST, he or she will get a bike that is a loyal companion for both everyday life and fun times around town and in the woods.

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