Cross-country bikes – a cycling icon for the win

You’ve left the tame forest and field trails behind you and you’re ready for more. You are a born cyclist who wants to take on those daring marathon/sprint races. GHOST has developed a range of modern XC bikes that will help you leave your competitors behind.

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Take on the home stretch with our cross-country bikes

It's a well-known fact that the journey is the destination. And this motto doesn't just apply when you’re trying to be first over the finish line. It also applies when you’re looking for the right cross-country bike:

1. What type of routes will you be tackling on your bike?

2. How should your bike be built?

3. What does your bike have that will beat the competition?


3. The XC mountain bike for competitive bikers

Moderation is not really your thing. When you go for a ride it's about more than just a ride:

 For you, sport, competition, and drive are the focus. You want a race-ready cross-country bike that can be used for a wide range of routes:

·        Cross-country races

·        Marathon races

·        Alpine cross races

·        Moderate trails

·        Challenging forest and field trails or gravel roads

With a GHOST Cross-Country Bike, you are perfectly equipped for any ambitious plans you may have. Especially if the competition routes lead over rough terrain and steep descents, our models will get you safely to that finish line. You may not do any alpine cross races, but if you go on challenging and ambitious tours with your cycling group our XC bikes are just the right choice.


2. The cross-country componentry: full-suspension or hardtail

Our cross-country bikes are available in both hardtail and full-suspension versions.

1. The Cross-Country Hardtail

Our hardtail models have a fixed but freshly overhauled rear triangle. The leaf-spring design reduces the vibrations that you’re guaranteed to encounter on extreme surfaces. The agile suspension fork on the front wheel absorbs the inevitable obstacles on the mountain while the rigid frame is particularly fast on uphill stretches.

2. The Cross-Country Fully

The full-suspension version of our cross-country bike features the proprietary TractionLink rear triangle. The rear shock has 100-120 mm suspension travel and can easily absorb most obstacles in the terrain. Unlike the hardtail, the full-suspension cross-country bikes compensate for heavy bumps in both the front and the rear.

 1. The winning attributes of your cross-country bike

When we put together our fast mountain race bikes, we took other technical aspects into account to make sure you leave the competition behind.

·        Materials

Cross-country bikes need to be fast. To keep your bike as light as possible, our frames are made of light carbon (LC) or ultra-light carbon (UC). This highly functional material contributes to ideal cross-country performance.

·        Frames

We developed SuperFit geometry for our hardtail and full-suspension MTBs to ensure that you not only sit firmly on your bike, but you can also effectively transfer power through your legs. The LECTOR Base is still available in the regular frame version. From the LECTOR Essential Class and up, you will benefit from the SuperFit innovation. This frame construction means any cross-country fan will be able to find the right bike. Our XC MTBs are also perfectly suited for women. The fully integrated dropper post ensures considerable stability and efficient power transfer.

·        Wheels

Our cross-country bikes are available in hardtail and full-suspension models with 29-inch wheels. Wheels this size provide you with everything you need for ambitious cross-country or marathon races:

The larger diameter helps you reach high speeds because the wheels effectively transfer momentum. They also provide incredible roll-over so you can master tough terrain without difficulty.


If your idea of biking is focused on demanding trails or alpine tours, you should also have a look at our All-Mountain Bikes.If you are a road biker who likes the occasional off-road diversion in addition to extended tours, check out our Gravel Bikes.

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