Enduro Mountain Bike: Built for downhills and tough trails

Do you love to ride fast on challenging trails and bike parks? Are you always opting for the black descents and jumps as part of your repertoire? Then the GHOST Enduro bike is your best option, a bike with unique downhill performance that will inspire you immediately. With massive amounts of travel and a secure rear triangle system you can master any technical terrain you want.

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The specialist for your downhill adventure: A GHOST full-suspension Enduro bike

A full-suspension Enduro bike is an absolute must-have for riders who are passionate about challenging trails or racing. Above all, the greatest strength of a GHOST Enduro mountain bike is full-speed descents. This is also the biggest difference between an Enduro bike and other mountain bikes. A trail bike, for example, is designed to balance uphill and downhill riding, while a tour bike is suitable for easy trails, gravel tracks and forest and meadow paths.


An Enduro bike is designed for short uphill passages and lush downhill stretches. Challenging terrain, difficult trails and even jumps are also no problem for this full-suspension MTB. It offers you the necessary stability to easily master just about any hurdle – at top speed.


An Enduro bike from GHOST really performs on demanding Enduro tours and is primarily downhill-oriented. The following components are decisive for the bike’s fantastic downhill capabilities:


·        Flat steering angle

·        Long reach

·        Long wheelbase

·        Steep seat post angle


If you're into off-road adventures then you'll love the advantages of our GHOST Enduro bikes.

How to find the perfect Enduro bike for you


If you want to buy an Enduro bike, you should pay attention to a few important factors when making your decision:


·        Type of riding: Before you decide on a model you need to consider how you want to use your Enduro bike. This will determine which components are particularly important for you. There are Enduro mountain bikes that feature strong downhill performance and are exclusively downhill-oriented. These are particularly suitable for bikers who take the lift up the mountain and ride downhill at full speed. However, the majority of Enduro bikes also let you easily pedal to the trail with your own muscle power. For uphill and downhill riding, it is good to have adjustable shocks and forks so the system can be adapted to the trail in question.


·        Suspension fork: More travel means more downhill fun: That's why every full-suspension Enduro bike from GHOST has a suspension fork with 170 mm travel. Rear suspension travel is 160 mm. The steel spring shocks give you a unique riding experience and ensure lots of fun on any terrain.


·        Geometry: When it comes to an Enduro mountain bike, it is important that it is perfectly tailored to you. GHOST Bikes makes this possible without time-consuming adjustments. Thanks to SuperFit technology, we are able to figure out which Enduro bike perfectly fits your body size and riding style. That way you can transfer maximum power to your bike when pedalling and are perfectly equipped for long Enduro tours.


·        Grip: The most important thing for maximum downhill safety is having tyres with a reliable grip. Full-suspension Enduro bikes from GHOST offer you that extra portion of grip when going downhill at full throttle. TractionLink makes it possible. This specially developed suspension system not only absorbs hard shocks and bumps on a trail, for example, but you also keep control of your Enduro mountain bike during sharp turns and sudden braking manoeuvres. The solid grip allows you to reach even higher speeds, provides outstanding climbing power and guarantees unique downhill performance.


So what are you waiting for? Choose your downhill companion and buy the GHOST Enduro mountain bike that best suits you. Nothing will stand in the way of your next Enduro tour.

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