Trail bikes – the all-rounder among mountain bikes

Do you need efficiency on demanding ascents and at the same time, reliable grip on the descent? Then one of our GHOST trail bikes will be just right for you! 

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Trail bikes: tons of performance for a unique riding experience

Trail bikes are the true all-rounders among mountain bikes and cut a fine figure on just about any trail. What's so special about them? They are super versatile and offer you optimal support uphill and downhill. The secret is the magical middle ground between a cross-country bike and an enduro bike. Trail mountain bikes combine the advantages of both – truly your ideal partner in crime for any tour.


In addition to important elements like a solid drive train and efficient disc brakes, GHOST trail mountain bikes feature the following componentry:


·       Front and rear suspension travel between 120 and 140 mm

·       A wide range of riding options: flow trails, single track, mountain trails

·       A choice between 27.5- and 29-inch wheels


A trail bike is ideal for anyone who wants to take on as many different trails as possible with just one bike. The balance of technical features makes extremely fun to ride – and not just on downhills. Unlike an enduro bike, the focus here is not on downhill performance alone; trail mountain bikes are also extremely efficient on climbs.


Trail mountain bikes are just what you need if you love technically challenging trails. Whether you like trails full of roots and stones, steep descents or tight hairpin turns – a GHOST trail bike will let you easily master the most diverse terrain.

Find the right trail bike for your next adventure


If you’ve decided on a GHOST trail bike, you’ll need to choose the right model for your upcoming rides. We’ve got a suitable model in the online shop for just about everyone, from the entry-level trail bike for beginners to the full-suspension trail

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