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What are Light e Gravel Bikes?

Imagine being able to combine the off-road capability of a mountain bike(/mountain-bikes/)  with the speed and lightness of a road bike. Welcome to the world of Light e Gravel bikes. These bikes are true all-rounders - whether on gravel paths, forest trails or asphalt, they leave nothing to be desired. The highlight of the light e Gravel bikes from GHOST? They are equipped with a high-quality e-bike motor from Fazua, which gives you extra momentum whenever you need it. Visually, the GHOST Path Asket models hardly differ from conventional gravel bikes (/gravel/).. Order your new e-gravel bike now directly from the GHOST online store!

Discover the Path Asket Pro and the Path Asket Advanced!

A lightweight gravel e-bike - how does it work?

May we introduce: The new lightweight Gravel e Bikes from GHOST. The combination of the best features of the Gravel & e Bike world, rounded off with hand-picked components and materials to keep the weight of the bikes as low as possible. Designed for use on different terrains, Light Gravel e Bikes feel at home on forest trails, gravel roads, as well as on paved roads, where they can show their strengths. On this page you will learn everything you need to know about the new Light Gravel e Bikes from GHOST.

The PATH ASKET Series - Equipment & Components of the Light Gravel e Bikes

The PATH ASKET bikes from GHOST form the core of our Light Gravel e Bike series and are equipped with a FAZUA Ride 60 engine from German production. This is a lightweight and integrated drive designed specifically for gravel and road bikes. Due to the integrated design, the Fazua Ride 60 disappears into the frame of the bike, making the bike hardly recognizable as an e Bike from a distance. With a weight of about 3.2 kg, this contributes significantly to the weight reduction of the entire Gravel e Bike.

As a battery, the "Fazua Energy Fix 430 Wh" line is installed, which has a significantly lower weight of 1.4 kg compared to normal e Bike batteries. This is installed in the down tube of the frame to save space, making the seamless design more like a normal Gravel Bike than a Gravel e Bike.

The center of the Light e Gravel Bike: The lightweight motor and battery

Our Light e Gravel bikes are powered by a Fazua Ride 60 motor. It is small, light and powerful. At only 2.2 kg, the battery allows for a perfectly integrated frame solution. The motor provides natural pedaling assistance. When moving the bike, the battery is automatically switched on. So there is no bulky display placed on your Gravel Bike handlebars. The control of the modes you take over comfortably via FAZUA RIDE 60 ROAD CONTROL - this is barely visible on your handlebars. Together with an efficient battery, it offers you exactly the power you need without unnecessarily increasing the weight of your bike.

What is so special about e Gravel bikes?

What distinguishes a Light Gravel e Bike is actually already in the naming. They are lighter than e bikes, suitable for gravel and electrically assisted. But in addition to these features, the GHOST Light Gravel e Bikes are also characterized by their robust construction with high-quality components and lightweight materials. The magic of e Gravel bikes lies in their versatility. They are fast, light and agile, which makes them ideal for long distances on a variety of terrains. Whether you're riding in the city, in the countryside, or off-road, a lightweight E Gravel Bike has you covered. The motor supports you whenever you need it, while being discreet and quiet. 

What is the difference between e Gravel bikes and e Mountain bikes?

E Gravel bikes and e Mountain bikes share many features, but they differ in key ways. While e-mountain bikes speed you up on rough terrain and steep climbs, e gravel bikes score high on versatility and lightness. They are true all-rounders that shine on a variety of surfaces. They are lighter and more aerodynamic than e-mountain bikes, which makes them particularly efficient on long distances and at high speeds. So the lightweight e Gravel is the perfect combination of trail and road!

The advantages of a light gravel e bike at a glance

Here you see again all the advantages of Light Gravel e Bikes listed on this page at a glance:

Versatility: Light Gravel e Bikes are versatile. They allow you to ride on different surfaces such as paved roads, gravel roads, dirt roads and light trails. This means you're always perfectly prepared for spontaneous side trips off the road.

An absolute lightweight: Compared to normal Gravel e bikes, all components have been adapted so that the reduced weight has a positive effect on the riding fun.

Handling & Agility: Due to the lighter weight and the efficient design, the lightweight Gravel e Bike offers an agile and responsive ride. The reduced weight is particularly advantageous when riding on challenging terrain, as the bike is more maneuverable and handling in corners is massively improved.

Electric assistance: on steep climbs or stronger headwinds, the motor assistance can be adjusted as needed, allowing the rider to control the pace and intensity of the ride.

Comfortable riding position: compared to pure road bikes, light gravel e bikes often have a slightly more upright riding position. This reduces the strain on the neck, back and wrists and makes the riding experience more comfortable, especially on longer tours.

These advantages make Light Gravel e-bikes an attractive option for riders who are looking for versatile riding options, want to cover long distances, and want the benefits of electric assistance without sacrificing a lightweight and agile bike.

Buy an E Gravel Bike - which is the best bike for me?

If you're looking for a bike that will support you on any route and on any adventure, then an E Gravel Bike is just what you need. Whether you're an enthusiastic biker looking for an extra boost of speed, or a beginner discovering the freedom and flexibility of cycling in a new way, our lightweight E Gravel bikes will help you achieve your goals. To do so, you'll have a bike that provides support with a engine when you need it - while not being a bulky machine, but a lightweight companion.

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