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Simply select GHOST JobRad and order. How this works on our site we show you below. IMPORTANT: You need your company email address for the order

Get quote approved

After you have ordered your GHOST bike, we will send you a quote by mail. This must be approved by your employer and checked by your lessor.

Shipping after approval

After approval we will ship your GHOST bike to the desired address

How to order your JobRad on the GHOST website


JobRad is the company bike leasing model of JobRad GmbH. It works similarly to the well-known company car leasing - only with bicycles and e-bikes instead of cars. Employees simply and conveniently purchase their desired bike through their employer and save money in the process.

The term is always 36 months. During this time, the leasing instalment is deducted from your gross salary every month.

There are different possibilities. The best solution would be for your bicycle lease to fulfil the 36-month transfer contract.

Alternative solutions include a change of user or an instalment refund, or even the purchase or return of the bike. You should talk to your employer to find out which option is best for you.

Every GHOST JobBike comes with insurance against theft, accidents and damage.

You can also choose from two optional service packages to make sure your bike stays in good shape. The JobRad inspection is available for as little as €5 per month.

Anyone who lives in the same household as you can ride your bike. This could be family members, spouses or flatmates.

In most cases, this is not a problem. We will check after your order if your employer allows more than one bike.

If not, you will be informed and we will try to find a solution.

This is where JobRad differs from a "normal" purchase, because generally a revocation of your JobRad is excluded. Please check your bike carefully for defects or faults after you receive it before confirming that you have taken delivery of the bike at JobRad. If your bike is delivered damaged, please contact our customer service to check further steps. You can also exchange your bike if you ordered the wrong frame size. In this case, you can exchange the bike for an identical bike with a different frame size within 30 days.

Not all bicycle dealers offer JobRad, but all dealers have the opportunity to do so. In Germany, you have a selection of over 6,000 JobRad specialist dealers available. This includes smaller local shops as well as large chains and online stores. You can find the specialist dealer near you through the dealer search.

At the end of the leasing period, JobRad GmbH offers you a purchase contract for your JobRad. If you do not wish to buy your JobRad, JobRad GmbH takes care of the collection. This is usually done by a transport company, which also provides the necessary packaging. The bike will be collected within 30 working days after the end of the contract. In rare cases, the collection may be handled by the delivering dealer. All necessary information will be provided by JobRad after the end of the lease period (36 months).

JobRad in 90 seconds

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always cheaper

Save on money

JobRad is always cheaper. Up to 40% in any case - and even more if your employer subsidises the instalments. If your employer gives you the JobRad as a salary supplement, you even ride completely tax-free!
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You ride your company bike just like your own: in everyday life, in your free time and - if you like - of course also to work.

Services around the bike

Every JobRad is automatically covered by the Jobrad comprehensive insurance including mobility guarantee. The service options JobRad-Inspection and JobRad-FullService offer an extra plus in comfort.

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